Buy CBD Oil in Chicago, IL

Buy CBD Oil in Chicago, IL

It would be difficult to find another city that is famous for more things than Chicago, Illinois. This “Windy City” is known worldwide for its culture, its fabulous deep-dish pizza, and its fantastic blues scene – just to name a few. Sports fans in Chicago, especially, have plenty to enjoy year-round. Between rooting for the Cubs or the White Sox during baseball season, the Bulls during basketball season, the Blackhawks during hockey season, or the Bears when it’s time for football, there is always an exciting game to watch. Yes, Chicago loves its sports and its rich way of life. One other thing that this city loves is the plant-based wellness benefits of CBD. And residents know that the place to buy CBD oil in Chicago is at Pharmstrong™.

You may have heard of CBD from friends, family, or coworkers who told you how much they have benefited from the product. And the thought of a holistic supplement that may alleviate a lot of discomforts you may be taking over-the-counter medications for is exciting. However, you may find yourself a little confused as to what CBD is, the types of products available, and which product may be right for you. We at Pharmstrong™ are always eager to find ways to educate our current and potential customers, so here’s some key information that you will find helpful as your source to buy CBD oil in Chicago.

CBD Basics

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is what is known as a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are a fairly recent discovery for the scientific community, as the human endocannabinoid system was only discovered back in 1992. Since then, scientists have researched the human endocannabinoid system and the natural cannabinoids that the body creates. These cannabinoids were found to influence a person’s mood, comfort, sleep, as well as other wellness factors.

Scientists also found that certain plants, especially those in the cannabis family of plants, produce cannabinoids as well. By introducing these plant cannabinoids into the body through oral, topical, or other means, these plant cannabinoids interacted with the human endocannabinoid system to deliver a number of wellness benefits.

The problem has been, however, the legality of hemp. Although hemp and hemp-based products have been around for thousands of years, in recent history, the United States categorized hemp products in the same class as all cannabis products, like marijuana, and made it a Schedule 1 drug. This classification made CBD illegal on a federal level in the United States. It wasn’t until 2018, with the passing of The Farm Bill, that hemp-based products became federally legal throughout the US, as long as the product doesn’t contain any more than .3% THC by weight.

Types of CBD Products and Delivery Methods

Now that you know a little more about CBD and would like to try it, you may be wondering what types of products are available and which of those products may be right for you. Here are a few of the categories of products you will find at Pharmstrong™ and suggestions on how each delivers CBD into your system. This will likely help you determine which product is right for you.

Oral CBD Products

When it comes to CBD products that you take orally, we at Pharmstrong™ carry two major types: tinctures and capsules.

Tinctures (Oral Drops)

Tinctures, also known as oral drops, are a liquid form of CBD that is combined with a carrier oil, like organic extra-virgin olive oil, to create an oil-based product. Tincture bottles come with a dropper that allows you to measure out the amount of tincture you wish to ingest. After measuring out the desired amount in the dropper, the solution is placed under the tongue and held there for two minutes, then swallowed. The capillaries under the tongue quickly carry the tincture throughout the body for immediate results. Once the tincture is swallowed, the digestive system then processes the remaining oil and delivers benefits throughout the body as well. By going through the digestive tract, the swallowed tincture is known to have a longer lasting effect than the tincture that was placed under the tongue.

Tinctures are ideal for those who want immediate relief as well as long lasting results. The dropper delivery method also allows you to fine-tune your dosage until you find the exact amount that is right for you. Tinctures also come in a variety of flavors like our Natural Mint Oral Drops or our Organic Natural Lime Oral Drops. Tinctures are a great starting point for those interested in buying CBD oil in Chicago.


Softgels are soft capsules that contain phytocannabinoid-rich CBD hemp oil combined with a carrier, like coconut oil, and encased in a gelatin capsule. These softgels deliver a specific dosage of CBD with each capsule and come in a convenient and easy-to-use form. Keep capsules in mind when you’re looking to buy CBD oil in Chicago.

Softgels are recommended for those on the go because of their convenience. Each softgel is simply swallowed with your favorite beverage. The CBD solution will then make its way through your digestive system, which will then deliver holistic benefits to your entire body. Because these softgels enter through the digestive tract, the effects may not be felt immediately. However, the benefits you feel will be long-lasting.

You have your choice of softgels when you shop at Pharmstrong™. We carry a basic CBD Softgel that delivers 25 mg of CBD goodness with each dose. We also carry softgels for specific purposes like our CBD Softgels with Curcumin for joint support, and our CBD Softgels with Melatonin to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Topical CBD Products

Topical CBD products are applied directly to the skin. From there, the Pure + Potent CBD and other beneficial ingredients that are contained in the product are absorbed through the skin and go to work directly to the problem area to provide immediate relief. Topicals are a great alternative when you’re looking to buy CBD oil in Chicago.

Body Balms

These balms are ideal for quickly getting to the area that needs relief. Simply rub a dime-sized dab into the skin and let the phytocannabinoid-rich CBD ingredients go to work where you need it the most. These balms are ideal when you need targeted relief from physical discomforts. In addition, our Pharmstrong™ Body Balms boast additional ingredients like beeswax as well as essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus to leave the skin supple while the balm’s wonderful aroma pleases the senses.

Gel Roller

Our Pharmstrong™ Gel Roller is ideal when you need quick and targeted relief from aching muscles and joints. This delivery system is perfect after a strenuous exercise, after a tough day of physical labor, or to help relieve the natural discomforts of aging. The CBD formula mixed with menthol quickly brings relief to your aching joints and muscles.

CBD Products to Fit Every Lifestyle

Not only do we carry all of the types of CBD products that we’ve talked about above, we also have hand-picked CBD Kits that combine some of our popular CBD inventory into a convenient and money-saving kit.

At Pharmstrong™, not only do we carry different types of CBD to fit every lifestyle, you can count on us for products that are only Verified Pure Premium Grade. This ensures that you are getting only the best on the market today. Here is what you can count on from us.

  • All of our products are derived from hemp that is grown right here in the United States. We do not use imported hemp like some of our competitors, because it may contain heavy metals, pesticides, and molds that eventually make it into the final product.
  • All of our products are federally legal throughout the US. Everything we sell complies with The Farm Bill of 2018.
  • All of our products have been developed using advanced scientific technology. We don’t use less expensive extraction techniques that may leave behind residual solvents and hydrocarbons.
  • All of our products have been tested by an independent third party laboratory. We get a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for every product on our shelves and provide those lab results right on our website.

Shop with us online, by phone at 1-866-399-5371, or visit us in our Breckinridge, CO, store and try our one-of-a-kind CBD sample bar. Trust your next CBD purchase to Pharmstrong™!


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