Where to Buy CBD Oil in California

Premium Grade CBD Oil in California

Palm Trees at sunset on a beach in California.

Sunny, pristine beaches with a front-row seat to breathtaking sunsets. Rolling hills with vineyards full of cascading bushels of plump wine grapes. From soaring redwoods to the Golden Gate Bridge, California is an iconic paradise full of absolute wonder. Stretching nearly 900 miles along the western US coastline, California is truly world-renowned. The biggest names in Hollywood retreat to this blissful state, making it one of the most desired places to visit and live in the world. That could be why California is the most populous state in the US, with nearly 40 million residents!

If you live in California, you are no stranger to the extraordinary. Within just one day, one can visit the continental United States’ highest point (Mt. Whitney) and the lowest point (Death Valley), all within the borders of this dynamic state. California is rich with culture, diversity, and innovation, and is often first to debut new trends to the rest of the nation and the world. The one “trend” that has seemingly become a permanent fixture in California is all-natural, organic CBD, which holistically promotes emotional and physical well-being.

When residents contemplate where to buy CBD oil in California, they know exactly where to look: the Colorado-based CBD brand at the epicenter of the hemp industry – Pharmstrong™.

From Colorado to California: Quality CBD Delivered to Your Door

Just like California is seemingly synonymous with beaches and sunshine, the state of Colorado is known for being the hotspot for all things hemp. The rapidly-growing, hemp-derived CBD market thrives in Colorado, and Pharmstrong™ delivers the very best Colorado-grown CBD on the market to the doorsteps of California residents daily.

CBD continues to impress consumers as online forums are inundated with rave reviews and success stories. Still, in its infancy, the true potential of CBD is not yet known. However, we do know that customers report numerous benefits from using it regularly, including:

  • Supporting a healthy sleep routine, encouraging a more restful, rejuvenating slumber
  • Reducing emotional and physical fatigue
  • Promoting an overall sense of balance and clarity
  • Aiding in healthy muscle and joint recovery
  • Upgrading daily skincare routines
  • Providing targeted relief for topical discomforts
  • & more

Since 2018, when all hemp-derived CBD products became legal after the Farm Bill was passed, the CBD market has been exponentially growing. Demand for more versatile CBD products continues to rise as eager customers make CBD part of their daily wellness routines. CBD is an attractive wellness product for many because:

1.   It is all-natural

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally-occurring compound found in the hemp plant. It is one of many compounds, called cannabinoids, extracted from hemp and used in wellness products to promote homeostasis – that is, your body functioning optimally and harmoniously.

2.   It is non-addictive

Hemp-derived CBD is not addictive, as the human body is not known to build a tolerance to it. This means that the same dosage will be effective over time without the need for adjustment, and you won’t experience any negative effects if you miss a dosage.

3.   It doesn’t produce psychoactive side effects

Because hemp-derived CBD contains .3% THC or less, individuals do not experience the mind-altering side effects or the “high” associated with consuming high levels of THC. Many reputable brands, like Pharmstrong™, take the additional step to remove all minuscule traces of THC for added peace of mind for customers.

4.   It is versatile

CBD can be administered in many ways to accommodate each consumer’s individual needs and personal preferences. CBD can be:

Experience the Pharmstrong ™ Difference

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At Pharmstrong™, it is our mission to help our customers make the best decisions for their health and wellness. We believe everyone deserves to live a healthy, vibrant life. As your premier CBD professionals, we promise to advocate for you and support you on your journey toward that worthwhile goal. When you shop with us, the quality and integrity of our products are guaranteed, because we base everything we do on four core pillars.

All of our Verified Pure Premium Grade™ CBD is guaranteed to be:

  • Safe
  • Legal
  • Pure
  • Potent

We offer a wide inventory of fast-acting, long-lasting products to meet your unique lifestyle and preferences. You can shop for individual CBD products as well as CBD Kits, which are intelligently paired for your convenience. All CBD Kits and orders over $75 include free shipping, too! If you are ready to incorporate our top-notch CBD into your routine, you can:

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➚  Browse and shop online 24/7
⌂  Visit us in-store at our Breckenridge location, where you can also experience our one-of-a-kind CBD sample bar!

You never have to question where to buy CBD oil in California again, because Pharmstrong™ will become your favorite, trusted CBD retailer. Contact us today to get started!