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The crisp mountain on Aspen, CO.

From the moment you inhale the crisp mountain air in Aspen, Colorado, your senses are awakened and your thirst for life peaks. Year ‘round, this picture-perfect vacation destination attracts visitors from all over the world seeking breathtaking landscapes, outdoor recreation, upscale shopping, and historic sites. This adventure-lovers paradise features panoramic views at every turn, and with so many tourist attractions, travelers begin planning their next trip before they even leave.

While it’s easy to find standard “things to do” using a quick internet search, some visitors are seeking a more intimate travel experience. Of course, one could visit the Aspen Snowmass area for winter adventures, and marvel at the late 1800’s Victorian architecture of the amazing Wheeler Opera House. However, if you want to experience Aspen like the locals, you’re definitely going to want to enjoy a tasty meal at a cozy place like Creperie Du Village or get a cocktail while taking in the exquisite craftsmanship of one of the oldest buildings in Aspen like The Jerome. There are plenty of hidden gems waiting to be explored!

High-Quality CBD Oil in Aspen, CO – A Pharmstrong™ Favorite

At Pharmstrong™, the lively city of Aspen holds a very special place in our hearts. We absolutely adore the people, the wholesome culture, and the way it feels like home – whether you’re here for one day or 10 years. We are also the proud sponsors of the internationally recognized rugby team, The Gentlemen of Aspen Rugby Football Club. This team of health-conscious athletes also gave us the honor of making us their official CBD Company – a designation we take very seriously. For athletes and non-athletes alike, we are constantly upholding our excellent reputation by providing customers only the best, scientifically-advanced CBD supplements on the market.

Whether you favor the adrenaline-evoking expert ski slopes of Aspen or a more relaxing, less bumpy trail in Snowmass, there is a mountainside for you. Similarly, if you are seeking a skin-nourishing CBD body balm or a convenient CBD oral drop (or anything in between), Pharmstrong™ has a CBD supplement for you. As your trusted source for the highest quality, Pure + Potent CBD products, we are pleased to offer numerous safe to use, effective supplements that fit perfectly into your daily routine. Our products encourage your body to feel it’s best so you may enjoy all of the wonderful experiences life has to offer.

CBD at a Glance – What Do I Need to Know?

While you may have heard that CBD is the new “wonder supplement,” if you are new to this health and wellness phenomenon, you may still have quite a few questions about it. We want to make your CBD journey as transparent and easy as possible, so we’ve outlined a few of the most common curiosities we hear, as a quick CBD 101 pocket guide for you:

  • Q: What is CBD, and what can it do for me?A: CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring, plant-derived molecule, known to have many positive impacts on the human body. When extracted and incorporated into supplements like softgels, tinctures, or body balms, this all-natural ingredient provides increased wellness for the mind and body. Because it is non-addictive and fast-acting, CBD has been known to surpass expectations.
  • Q: Is it legal, and is it safe?A: Yes, and yes! Thanks to the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, CBD products containing less than .3% THC are now legal across the US. And, as a reminder, CBD and marijuana are different substances. While they may be genetic cousins, consumers can enjoy CBD legally and without the psychoactive side effects of marijuana. Numerous studies have also found that CBD is non-addictive, making it an even more appealing choice.
  • Q: Why is Pharmstrong™ the best option for CBD products?A: At Pharmstrong™, we care about quality over quantity. We don’t pass along any run-of-the-mill CBD products to our customers. Every step of our process, from seed to bottle, is meticulously scrutinized, using strict standards to ensure only the best, Verified Pure Premium Grade™ products are on our shelves. For additional quality assurance, all of our supplements are third-party tested for purity and potency, and we make those results available to our customers.
A lady enjoying the trees and fresh air in Aspen, CO.

We are family-owned, and we extend that kindred welcome to all of our customers, supporting every individual on their personal CBD journey. We have thoughtfully created numerous excellent products to meet the many needs of our patrons. Our generous product inventory is constantly growing, but it always includes:

  • CBD Softgels + Curcumin – Perfect to support athletes or those with overworked, aging joints, this long-lasting CBD Softgel helps comfort muscles and joints naturally. The perfectly balanced formula is capable of keeping up with consumers of any activity level, helping the body to feel limber and agile as it helps reduce discomfort.
  • CBD Softgels + Melatonin – A restful night’s sleep has never been easier to achieve! Our potent CBD Softgels + Melatonin combine our Verified Pure Premium Grade™ CBD with one of the body’s naturally-occurring sleep ingredients: melatonin. Harnessing the power of nature in these effective softgels, you can finally experience the deep, restorative sleep you need to be your best each day!
  • CBD Oral Drops – CBD Drops, which are sometimes called CBD Tinctures, are the ideal product for individuals seeking a fast-acting CBD option with several dosage options. Because CBD Oral Drops are a liquid, the dosage can be fine-tuned carefully to meet your specific wellness needs. Offered in Natural Flavor, Mint, and Orange, consumers love the refreshing taste of these sublingually-administered drops!
  • CBD Multivitamin Gummy Drops – Immune-supporting and delicious, our vegan-friendly CBD daily multivitamin drops are the most enjoyable way to have your daily dose of CBD along with several vitamins and minerals to help keep your natural defenses strong. Enjoy tasty bursts of lemon, orange, grape, strawberry, and cherry in each bottle!
  • CBD Balms – Deeply hydrating, our thick, soothing CBD balm will drench your skin with moisture while nourishing every inch it touches. This beautiful blend of natural ingredients plus our potent CBD will elevate your skincare routine like never before, leaving your skin soft and youthful.
  • CBD Gel Roller – When your tender muscles need relief, our aloe and menthol-infused CBD gel roller delivers an icy and hot sensation where you need it most. Perfect for hard-to-reach spots and deeply effective, this gel roller is a staple in gym bags across the United States.
  • CBD Facial Products – Dry, uneven skin becomes a problem of the past when you treat your skin to our specially-formulated CBD face products. We offer CBD Hydrating Face Pearls – perfect for dry, flaky skin! Use these pearls daily for an age-defying, moisturizing experience. When you want to feel a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home, reach for one of our CBD Face Masks! Soaked in skin-revitalizing serum, our single-use face mask is a perfect way to pamper yourself.
  • CBD Vape Pen – As one of the most popular ways to enjoy our Pure + Potent CBD, our Mountain Citrus Vape Pen features atomized CBD with a subtle note of citrus. A smooth, perfect way to enjoy your CBD, our CBD Vape pen is always THC-free and fast-acting.
  • CBD Kits – When you find several wellness-supporting products you love, you shouldn’t have to choose just one. That’s why we created our intelligently-paired CBD kits! Featuring our most popular and effective CBD innovations joined perfectly with other complementary products, we help you enjoy the best CBD experience possible while saving you money, too! We offer numerous thoughtfully-bundled CBD Kits to fit your unique lifestyle and needs, taking the guesswork out of product-pairing and making the deal sweeter by offering free shipping on all Kits!
  • CBD for Pets – Pets experience many of the same physical discomforts as humans, and they deserve to reap the many benefits of CBD too! Before you share your favorite CBD product with Fido, remember: Pharmstrong™ offers specially-formulated CBD for pets, made to cater to their size and taste preferences. To spoil your pet, consider our CBD Pet Kit!

If that isn’t enough, our top-notch customer service and one-of-a-kind sample bar in Breckenridge truly makes Pharmstrong™ stand out as your exemplary CBD provider in Aspen, CO, and all over the US. Buy CBD Oil in Aspen, CO today.

Find Your Perfect CBD Match

If you want to buy CBD oil in Aspen, CO, we are certain there is a Pure + Potent  Pharmstrong™ CBD product that will make an excellent travel companion, helping you feel your best as you explore this wondrous city. You can access our wide range of excellent products in our Breckenridge store location or online, and our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions you may have. Visit us today!


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