Protecting Your Lymphatic System

The human body is effortlessly fascinating. Without our direct instruction, and often without our understanding of the complexities, it works on our behalf to cleanse, protect, and defend us from every potential harmful invader. One important system working to keep the body healthy and free of pathogens and toxins is…

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What Is the Difference between CBD and CBG?

You have probably heard about CBD, the hemp-derived compound that took the wellness market by storm in 2018. The all-natural ingredient quickly skyrocketed in popularity as soon as success stories began showing up on message boards, social media, and between friends. Positive reviews continue to fuel the increasing demand as…

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Is It Safe to Take CBD with Other Medications?

As CBD continues to make a positive impression on researchers and consumers alike, interest in the hemp-derived compound is rapidly increasing. Exclusive retailers are crafting new, enticing CBD-infused wellness products that you can’t help but want to try, like: CBD Multivitamin Gummy Drops, which provides your daily vitamins plus potent…

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Breathing Techniques That Reduce Stress

Without a doubt, recent world events have impacted just about everyone. For some, they are adapting to working from home; for others, they are facing the challenge of unemployment. In some households, parents are also acting as teachers, coaches, and tutors; in others, individuals are ill or becoming caretakers to…

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Immunity and Mental Health

The human body is absolutely amazing. Like a fascinating machine, it contains numerous concurrently operating functions, working in synergistic harmony. How we feel, think, and sleep is intimately connected to what we consume, do, and learn. The connections between functions are seemingly endless. Lately, especially since COVID-19 made its debut,…

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