Breathing Techniques That Reduce Stress

Without a doubt, recent world events have impacted just about everyone. For some, they are adapting to working from home; for others, they are facing the challenge of unemployment. In some households, parents are also acting as teachers, coaches, and tutors; in others, individuals are ill or becoming caretakers to…

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Immunity and Mental Health

The human body is absolutely amazing. Like a fascinating machine, it contains numerous concurrently operating functions, working in synergistic harmony. How we feel, think, and sleep is intimately connected to what we consume, do, and learn. The connections between functions are seemingly endless. Lately, especially since COVID-19 made its debut,…

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Immunity and Natural Health

Staying healthy and resilient has always been important. Now that COVID-19 has challenged our daily norms and brought more focus to our natural immunity, staying well seems more important than ever before. As health precautions, we now wear masks when we visit public places, diligently wash our hands, and gather…

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Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Lungs

Since COVID-19 began impacting the lives of millions across the globe, many have shifted their daily habits to avoid getting sick and to protect their loved ones. From wearing masks in public to social distancing, this “new normal” is primarily in place to keep us safe. Each day, we seek…

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How to Support Neurological Health

Right now, seemingly more than ever before, we are deeply concerned and conscientious about all aspects of our health. COVID-19 has truly impacted the way we see the world and our day-to-day habits. Staying well and keeping our family healthy has never been more important. Head to toe, many of…

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