Should I use a CBD topical?

Should I use a CBD Topical

  Are you an athlete or fitness enthusiast constantly struggling with sports injuries, muscle, and joint soreness? Maybe your pain is holding you back from performing at your best and affecting your overall quality of life. But does the confusing world of CBD have you scratching your head, wondering which product is right for you? You’re […]

4 Steps to Staying Active as We Age

showing staying active as we age

As we age, it is essential to stay active to maintain both physical and mental health. Exercise keeps our bodies strong and helps reduce stress, improve our moods, and keep our minds sharp. Staying active is especially important to improve balance, reduce the risk of injury, and keep bones and muscles strong. Fortunately, there are […]

Super Foods You Can Grow Right in Your Backyard


While the term “Super Food” does not have an exact definition, it has generally come to be understood as any highly nutritious food that is full of antioxidants, heart-healthy vitamins, and immune-boosting qualities. At first, you may think that these foods must be exotic like sea kelp and quinoa, or that they must be expensive. […]

The Importance of Natural and Holistic Healing on the Environment

Agricultural Land

As our society has evolved over the centuries, so have other aspects of that evolution. Technological advancements that used to double every hundred years are now doubling every decade. We now have the internet and access to a worldwide database of information, which is something we could barely have conceived of decades ago. The mere […]

Meditation and Mental Health Exercises for Indoors


A lot of people have been struggling with their mental health as of late. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many people have spent the majority of the past 12 months indoors. Some people have not even been able to go outside to get their shopping because they are considered high risk. Although the vaccination […]

The effects of mixing CBD and alcohol – How safe is it?

Beer on a serving board

CBD safety is an important area of concern. If you are taking CBD, you must be doing so in a safe manner. One thing a lot of people wonder is whether they can take CBD and drink alcohol. If you’re planning to have a night out with your friends, is it unsafe to have CBD […]