HD2000 Hemp Roller 3 oz

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Product Information

When your muscles need a little extra TLC, you want a product that will quickly and easily deliver benefits without a sticky mess. Our new, easy-to-apply CBD Gel Roller – which is scientifically formulated to allow for maximum absorption – provides just that. The aloe-infused product works by first cooling and moisturizing the surface of the skin and then deeply penetrating the layers to interact with the many endocannabinoid receptors located within.

It fits conveniently in a purse or gym bag and is perfect for any athlete, outdoor enthusiast, or person who struggles with daily aches and discomforts. This no-mess applicator makes it easy to provide your body with hydrating support without even a drop getting on your hands. Simply remove the cap, roll the ergonomically designed ball applicator over your skin and let our Pure + Potent product get to work for you.

A Massage in a Bottle

The unique ball applicator makes this product easy to apply and dual-function. You can simply use it with varying amounts of pressure to achieve a massage-like experience and your desired outcome.

Topically-Administered CBD: Does It Work? And Can I Apply Any CBD Product to My Skin?

A new wave of topical CBD products specifically designed for the skin has begun to hit the market, and consumers can’t help but wonder: Does CBD, which is typically taken orally, work if it’s applied to your skin? It does –  however, you don’t want to simply rub your normally orally-ingested CBD product (such as an oral drop or “tincture”) onto your skin for results. It’s far better to use a product specifically designed for topical use. This is the case with our gel roller, as it contains 2000mg of Pure + Potent CBD combined with skin-soothing aloe and menthol. For maximum effectiveness, we always encourage customers to follow the instructions for intended usage and dosage on the label.

Tackle Your Tension Today with Pharmstrong™ CBD

As your trusted CBD provider, we not only pride ourselves on our unrivaled, fast-acting CBD products, but we are also deeply committed to providing customers with a fully transparent and comprehensive CBD experience. This includes candidly sharing our growing and production processes, passionately educating our consumers on all aspects of CBD, providing top-notch customer service, and even allowing customers to try our products when they visit our one-of-a-kind sample bar.

If you want to get your hands on our CBD Gel Roller, or have any other questions about Pharmstrong’s™ premium-grade CBD products, you can call, send a message, or stop in to our store in Breckenridge, Colorado, and one of our knowledgeable CBD professionals will be happy to help!

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