Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner! This yearly change of seasons would normally not be met with such hoopla. After a brutal winter of being trapped indoors, and especially as our country begins to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the anticipation of getting outdoors and greeting the spring and summer is being met with much fanfare indeed. In addition, as more Americans are getting vaccinated they are looking forward to spending time with friends and loved ones. And what better way to spend time together than by enjoying some fun recreational activities as a group?

Unfortunately, in the past year or so, many of us have succumbed to the “sit on the couch and eat and drink too much” temptation during the extended lockdowns brought by the pandemic. So not only is it a great time to see the sunshine, it is an opportune time to get some exercise and start paying attention to our health to regain the fitness that we lost during the stay-at-home orders.

We at Pharmstrong™ are all about health and fitness. And since our store is located in Breckinridge, Colorado, we thought we’d offer 11 suggestions on spring and summer activities to our loyal customers and to those who may be visiting Colorado.

Top 11 Spring and Summer Activities in Colorado

1. Backpacking and Hiking

Colorado may be the greatest place in the United States to go backpacking and hiking. With so many national forests and other public lands to choose from, a never-ending adventure awaits to explore Colorado’s natural beauty and breathtaking vistas. You can be assured that almost all of these areas have clearly marked hiking trails for you to safely enjoy. If you are new to backpacking, many areas have backcountry outfitters who will handle everything from providing you with the right equipment to suggesting the best routes for your desires and skill level. May we suggest the Rocky Mountain National Park? Not only does this park offer so many hiking trails it also boasts fishing, horseback riding, and rafting as well.

2. Camping

Many of the same spectacular areas that offer the availability to backpack or hike give you the ability to camp as well. Pack up your tent and get your gear together as you spend your days and nights surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes you’ve ever seen.

3. Boating

Each of Colorado’s lakes offers a unique experience. You can peacefully glide a sailboat, kayak, or canoe along a pine encircled alpine lake on some of the lakes or motorboat and waterski on others. There’s even jet boating on some of the lakes and rivers in the state. We have no shortage of water to play on in Colorado.

4. Fishing

Speaking of water, if fishing is your activity of choice then you need to look no further than Colorado! This state boasts 329 miles of Gold Medal streams, more than 2,000 lakes, and 8,000 miles of rivers. How’s that for fishing opportunities! And every square mile of Colorado’s waterways is surrounded by our spectacular landscape.

5. Golfing

Why not get in a fun round of golf while enjoying all of our scenic beauty? Not only are our golf courses like the Red Sky Ranch & Golf Club challenging and beautiful, but Colorado’s high elevation also offers comfortable golfing temperatures even during the summer months.

6. Ballooning

Nearly every major resort town or city offers the ability to float high above the ground and get a bird’s-eye view of the amazing Colorado landscape. There is nothing more peaceful and thrilling than gliding high above the ground and gazing at the mountains, rivers, and lakes below you.

7. Rafting

With so many rivers and streams in our state, there are plenty of opportunities to go rafting in Colorado. From leisurely floating or tubing through one of our many parks, to hanging on tight to your paddle while white water rafting with guides like Independent Whitewater, you are sure to find all the relaxation or all the adrenaline you can handle while rafting in Colorado.

8. Mountain Biking

Colorado has the best single-track trails in the world. Mountain bikers come from around the globe to white-knuckle it down our wooded trails. If the physical challenge of mountain biking is your cup of tea, then you should know that Colorado is truly a fat-tire paradise.

9. Horseback Riding

There are dude ranches and horseback riding stables all over Colorado. These equestrian centers offer everything from guided trail rides like at the 4-Eagle Ranch, to overnight adventures. If you are just taking in the scenery or snapping lots of breathtaking pictures, everything looks better from the back of a horse.

10. ATV Riding

If enjoying nature while hiking, rafting, mountain biking, or horseback riding isn’t enough, Colorado urges you to enjoy our spectacular outdoors while sitting on an all-terrain vehicle. Many locations like Ophir Pass Trail, Elwood Pass, and Rat Creek have off-road and ATV trails. You can even find ATV-guided tours to help you explore the Colorado landscape.

11. Ziplining

The many ziplining aerial parks around Colorado offer you an experience like no other. Imagine starting from high desert or mountain terrain, then being zipped off as you get an aerial view of the cliffs, rivers, mountains, and wildlife that make up the beauty of Colorado.

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