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Discover Pharmstrong™ Total Body Kit

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At Pharmstrong™, we understand how important it is to take good care of your body – head to toe.  We have created the all-inclusive Total Body Kit, which provides three of our premium-grade, scientifically-formulated CBD products in one convenient package.

Our Pure + Potent, all-natural supplements contain only the highest quality ingredients, as we carefully scrutinize every step of the process to ensure our customers are delivered the very best – no exceptions. Our Pharmstrong™ Total Body Kit truly is the total package. It contains:

  • 1 bottle, 450 mg Pharmstrong™ Mint CBD Oral Drops
  • 1 bottle, 30-count, 750 mg Pharmstrong™ Natural Flavor Daily CBD Softgels
  • Pharmstrong™ 1 ounce Body Balm

Discover Pharmstrong™ Kits

Simple, Easy to Use, THC Free KITS with Free Shipping

To help take the guesswork out of getting started with CBD, we’ve created intelligent product pairs called KITS. Each Pharmstrong™ KIT includes a combination of fast acting and long lasting products that work together to target specific needs. That means you use two products to ensure maximum CBD coverage throughout the day. It is the science of results! The KITS are uncomplicated and easy to use. We recommend KITS for those who are new to CBD, but for those who know exactly what they need, all of our products are also sold individually. For answers to common questions like how does CBD work and how can CBD help me, visit our Glossary page.

Our Products

Exceptional Research + Superior Products + Intelligent Solutions

Pharmstrong products contain premium grade, THC free, CBD. Grown in the USA, our products are free of contaminants, harmful metals, and chemicals. By being VPPG certified, our premium CBD has met the highest standards in growing and manufacturing. With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is legal across the United States. All products are sold individually or grouped in KITS – free shipping on orders over $75.00.

Natural Flavor CBD Softgels





What is CBD?

We all deserve to live our lives free of discomfort. To melt into our pillows every night and sleep soundly. To live free of worry—and with hope for the future. CBD creates a sweet, naturally occurring homeostasis, which every body needs for a healthy, activated Endocannabinoid System. Using and consuming CBD will not get you high. We at Pharmstrong pride ourselves on producing scientifically formulated, premium grade, CBD products—which are proven to support many of the body’s main functions. CBD products are completely legal and can even be delivered directly to your doorstep. Pharmstrong CBD products are THC free; therefore, you’ll never experience euphoric effects. To learn more about this historically powerful hemp plant extract gaining rapid traction with today’s leading doctors, scientists, and field experts, visit our FAQ and Glossary, or Shop Pharmstrong products.

Our Process

As industry experts, we know that by adhering to strict controls, we yield the finest CBD products on the market. By following these precise guidelines, we can guarantee that all Pharmstrong™ products contain only scientifically formulated, premium-grade CBD.

Real People + Real Results

“Very informative and got one on one attention. I am a first time customer. Great experience!”Breckenridge Store Customer, September 19, 2019
Breckenridge Store Customer

The Pharmstrong™ Difference

Pharmstrong™ is passionate about producing safe, uncomplicated, high-quality CBD products for intelligent consumers who seek vibrant, longer lives. Our customers, like our founders, know they deserve better, natural choices, for their physical and mental wellbeing. We deliver these solutions directly to your doorstep.


Verified Pure Premium Grade products have an uncompromising commitment to standards of quality and purity.


THC is removed to undetectable amounts. There are no psychoactive effects.


A proprietary nano emulsion technology results in softgels and balms that are significantly more bioavailable than other oil based products.


Science based for maximum results with long lasting and fast acting products. Easy to start and follow.for verification.


A long lasting and fast acting combination of products used together to create the most beneficial effect.


Our products are grown and processed in the United States.


Tested and verified to be free of metals.


Free of solvents, pesticides and molds. Tested by 3rd party for verification.


Produced and processed without harmful, synthetic compounds.


Our company is family owned and operated in Colorado.


Whole plant hemp containing cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN and terpernes.

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