Pharmstrong Lab Results

Daily Softgels

Curcumin Softgels

Melatonin CBD Softgel 750mg

Melatonin Softgels

Organic Hemp Balm (2oz)

Organic Hemp Balm (1oz)

Orange Oral Drops – 450mg

Orange Oral Drops – 900mg

Orange Oral Drops – 1350mg

Mint Oral Drops – 450mg

Mint Oral Drops – 900mg

Mint Oral Drops – 1350mg

Pharmstrong Organic CBD Oral Drops 900mg

Lime Oral Drops – 900mg

Lime Oral Drops – 1350mg

CBD Dog Chews

Pet Oral Drops – 450mg

Muscle Ease CBD Hemp Roller

Muscle Relief Gel Roller

HD2000 Gel Roller

Focus Oral Drops

Supremenly Lit Serum in Oil - Vitamin C + Seaberry + Hemp

FHF Supremely Lit

Bluephoria Moisture Mask Jar and Lid

FHF Bluephoria

Farmhouse Fresh Watermelonaid Wrinkle-Out Gelee Serum

FHF Watermelonaid

Pharmstrong Thrid-Party Tests

You can find your product’s Certificate of Analysis (COA) here or scan the product’s QR code.  The lab results below are products currently in stock at our fulfillment center. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a lab report on the chemical make-up of your hemp product.