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About Us

At Pharmstrong™, we are dedicated to bringing Pure + Potent CBD products to the mainstream marketplace with a focus on integrity, innovation and education. We believe that everyone deserves to live longer, healthier, more vibrant lives.

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Profits for a Purpose

At Pharmstrong™ we contribute a portion of our profits to local and global charities.
Thank you for helping us make a difference in the world.

Melissa Dugan

Pharmstrong™ CEO

Melissa Dugan is a life coach and humanitarian who brings her health and communications focus to Pharmstrong™’s everyday operations. She sees herself as the customer’s loyal advocate and is committed to helping everyone around her discover—and live—their life’s purpose. With a background in art, marketing, and management, Melissa spent many years managing an art gallery along with educational programs. She, like her husband, uses CBD daily. Melissa wants every customer to know that Pharmstrong™ is committed to helping them make the best decisions for their health.

Why I Started Pharmstrong

I can still vividly recall the feelings of frustration and confusion welling up inside me as I gritted my teeth, took a deep breath, and tried to extract some credible information about CBD from my young suspect.

It was a couple of short years ago, and I was attempting to explain to yet another young dispensary clerk the difficulties of hormones, aging, and knee replacements.

I was desperate to find an alternative to medications for my mother’s knee discomfort.

And I was looking for THC-free CBD I could give my husband, mother, sister, and take myself.

At first, I was concerned that hemp might not be legal or safe.

I needed to verify that high-quality CBD:

  1. Will NOT get you “high”
  2. Will NOT cause an extreme physiological change
  3. Was NOT addictive or toxic

But after interrogating a handful of these youthful “budtenders,” it became glaringly apparent I was not going to find the answers I was looking for.

I live in Colorado, the epicenter of hemp, and I couldn’t find a CBD company I could trust.

How’s that for irony?

I was convinced CBD oil would be worth a try, but after visiting various dispensaries, I had no more answers than when I started.

Where were the people we could trust?
What type of CBD should we use?
How do we get started?

My questions were mounting.

After searching for a person or store where I could find honest answers to my CBD questions, I realized there was no place to go.

This pushed me into doing some deep research.

I had to educate myself and understand the science behind CBD.

I soon realized that the CBD market was plagued by common problems caused by:

Poor quality products
Unreliable information
Product contamination
And more!

Perhaps strangely, this didn’t discourage me, and instead, I got really excited about the possibilities.

I wasn’t going to give my family just any CBD. 

I wanted CBD that was safe, THC-free, and of course, organic.

I sat back and realized:

“WE can be THE trusted source for people looking for high-quality CBD and honest answers. We can do this!” 

My husband had recently left his successful career in finance to work in hemp farming, so he was already in favor of going in that direction.

We jumped into the hemp business on a mission to create a dependable company the public could trust.

Just like my concerns for my family, the safety of our customers became our first priority!

I wouldn’t sell anything to our customers that I wouldn’t use myself or give to my own mother.

At PharmstrongTM, our reputation means everything to us.

We want our customers to believe in us whole-heartedly.

We are committed to our mission and our promise only to sell TCH-free, Pure + Potent CBD products.

We developed and launched Pharmstrong on four core pillars.

We pledge to always ensure our products are:


We invite you to read through our website.

I hope you will quickly see our commitment to transparency, honesty, and fact-based science.

Every day I wake up delighted to dive into our family business.

We get to meet and help people just like you start their journey with CBD.

I never want anyone to experience the same frustration I went through in trying to find the right answers, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions.

At PharmstrongTM, we believe everyone deserves access to Pure + Potent, American CBD.

If you’re ready to start your own CBD journey, click the link below to see our most popular products.

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Ty Storlie

For the past 20 years, Ty Storlie was a finance executive for some of the country’s largest financial institutions, selling products totaling close to $2 billion. Ty was committed to his tailored-suit corporate lifestyle that included living out of a suitcase and enduring the stressful grind of unattainable quotas and hollow goals. Ty was finding financial success and climbing the corporate ladder but he was drawn to a simpler, more meaningful life. In 2017, he returned to his rural roots, became a hemp farmer, got his hands dirty, drove tractors, wore cowboy hats, and was thankful for being outside every beautiful, sunny, Colorado day. Now, he spends most days in the Breckenridge store. Ty has finally found the work and the people he truly loves. He is passionate about CBD and its benefit to his loved ones.

The Wall Street Story

Ty spent years working in the finance industry, and, as such, was required to follow strict compliance standards. After transitioning from the boardroom to the hemp farm, he was shocked, disappointed, and frustrated to find himself within a largely unregulated CBD market. With this in mind, Ty made it his mission to be as transparent and standardized as possible.

With each and every Pharmstrong™ product—we believe that people deserve only the highest quality, trusted CBD product. That is the Pharmstrong™ Difference! webp to jpg 25

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