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Give your furry friend a new “leash” on life with Pharmstrong™ CBD Oral Drops for Pets. To use, simply squeeze some of our fast-acting, broad spectrum CBD hemp oil directly into your pet’s mouth or into their food. As with every Pharmstrong™ product, our CBD Oral Drops for Pets are both Verified Pure Premium Grade (VPPG) and THC free—which means that your pet gets all the healthy benefits without the high.


CBD Oral Drops for Pets Ingredients

Broad Spectrum Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil.

Pharmstrong™ CBD Oral Drops for Pets

If you have a special, furry, four-legged friend in your life, you likely consider that pet to be part of your family. From the moment we make the decision to be pet owners, we immediately reap the benefits of unconditional love and happiness they bring to our lives. We enjoy sharing many of life’s moments with them, and we make them part of our daily routines like walking, hiking, or sometimes, even napping (It’s okay, we know how priceless those sweet snuggles are!). In addition to sharing many of our joys, our companions, unfortunately, also share some inevitable symptoms of life with their humans: restlessness, aches, and discomforts, to name a few.  We sometimes forget that we aren't the only ones who over-exert ourselves and need relief from mental and muscular fatigue.

Because most pet parents are eager to give their four-legged pals the best life possible, many scour the market to find healthy, safe, natural solutions to remedy discomfort for them. Few people may consider CBD right away for pets, because, for the most part, CBD products are advertised to humans, for humans. Surprisingly, CBD can provide excellent and beneficial results to our animals too! At Pharmstrong™, we have taken careful and considerate measures to create a product that utilizes our top-notch, Verified Pure Premium Grade™ CBD in the most effective way for your pets so they, too, can reap the benefits of this wonder-supplement!

Our Pure + Potent CBD Oral Drops for pets are designed specifically with your furry companion in mind, providing them a fast-acting CBD product that can ease some of their tensions with no unwanted side effects. Simply use the provided dropper and, based on the weight of your pet, rub the drops onto their gums or under their tongue. This high-quality supplement is specially formulated with your pet’s specific needs in mind, and you can administer it confidently, knowing our pet products are held to the same standard of excellence as all of our other premium products. That means every bottle of CBD Oral Drops for pets is third-party tested for quality, confirming the promise we make to you to provide only the purest ingredients while filtering out THC, pesticides, solvents, and additives.

If you are interested in these innovative oral drops for your pet or in any of our life-improving Pharmstrong™ products, but find yourself with lingering questions, we would love to talk with you and answer them. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are eager to meet you and have you join our Pharmstrong™ family. We’re passionate about helping you – and your pet – experience all of the benefits that CBD offers. You can call, visit our website or if you’re nearby, we encourage you to stop into one of our pet-friendly stores and explore all we have to offer. See you soon!

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