We all dream of comfortably and peacefully drifting off to sleep, staying asleep all night long, and then waking up feeling well rested and rejuvenated – but for many of us, this is not our reality.  We either have trouble with one of these aspects of sleep, or all of them, and statistics from the CDC confirm that a third of US adults do not get enough sleep.

Quality sleep is undoubtedly a crucial factor in one’s overall health and is directly tied to physical health, brain health (i.e. decision-making skills, problem-solving abilities), emotional well-being, and day-to-day performance. Just like water and air, you can’t live without it, and lack of sleep is often linked to increased ill-health. There is simply no question that adequate rest is essential to one’s well-being – as this is the time the body rests and, more importantly, the brain repairs and reorganizes itself – and let’s face it, makes you feel human.

Common Sleep Woes

Even though we may know the benefits and necessity of a good night’s sleep – and we desperately try to log those 7-8 hours – falling asleep and staying asleep can evade the best of us. Often times, we feel physically ready to collapse into bed at the end of a busy day, but being mentally ready for a rejuvenating night’s sleep may be another story. When your head hits the pillow, do you start replaying the events of the day, dwelling on tomorrow’s to-do list, or worrying about things you can’t control? At Pharmstrong™, we’ve been there. It can feel impossible to “shut off” your mind and get the recommended 8 hours of rest you know you need for your mental and physical well-being. And screen time further adds to the problem. Scrolling through social media and checking email has become the norm before bed and is not without it’s negative side-effects. Or perhaps it is our physical aches and discomforts preventing us from getting comfortable and drifting off to sleep. We’ve also been there.

It’s certainly different for every individual. But whatever unique factors and circumstances keep you from getting your much needed zzz’s, at Pharmstrong™, we want to help reverse that trend. It is our passion to assist others in living the healthiest lives possible, and helping customers get quality sleep is certainly part of that equation. Therefore, we have compiled some of our best tips for achieving a rejuvenating night’s sleep to share with you:

Aim for a “Clean Sleep” Routine

Although it sounds like a reminder to bathe before slipping into your cool, crisp sheets, the idea of “clean sleep” is more about implementing simple habits into your sleep routine. Just like making small, consistent changes to one’s health and fitness routine can yield great results over time, so can putting some good sleep-inducing practices into action. These include uncomplicated ideas such as:

Physically Prepare Your Body for Rest

While most of us have a tough time getting mentally prepared for sleep, others find it difficult to physically relax. Fatigue from the day sets in and all of a sudden, we cannot get comfortable. We toss back and forth, rearrange the pillows, use the bathroom (again…), and still can’t get comfortable. Sound familiar? If so, try these simple tips:

Prime Your Mind for Sleep

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to physically prepare for rest, we cannot fall asleep because our minds will not shut off. Worry and stress, and everything in between, keep our minds from relaxing. These simple steps can help:

A good night’s rest is undoubtedly a crucial factor in one’s overall health and, at Pharmstrong™, we have witnessed over and over again the power of adding small, healthy habits into one’s nightly routine. We truly believe that regularly incorporating even a few of our suggestions will make a noticeable and positive difference in your ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up with the energy you need to tackle the day ahead. For more information on how all natural CBD products can fit into your day-to-day life, particularly your nighttime routine, call or visit us online today.  Here’s to wishing you a rejuvenating night’s sleep!

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