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The effects of mixing CBD and alcohol – How safe is it?

CBD safety is an important area of concern. If you are taking CBD, you must be doing so in a safe manner. One thing a lot of people wonder is whether mixing cbd and alcohol is OK. If you’re planning to have a night out with your friends, is it unsafe to have CBD beforehand? This is the sort of question that you may have! You don’t need to worry, though, as we will reveal everything you need to know about the effects of mixing alcohol and CBD below.

Mixing CBD and alcohol

Whether you are heading out for a night on the town or you are relaxing after a tough day at work, you may be tempted to have a few drinks. However, if you are taking CBD oil simultaneously, the interaction between the two may worry you. How will it make you feel?

To understand the combined impact of alcohol and CBD oil, we need to look at the two substances on their own first.

Although alcohol may start as sugars and a handful of yeast, it is a potent depressant. It interacts with the central nervous system, which impacts our speech, coordination, and mood. As many people will confirm, the more alcohol you consume, the greater these effects are.

On the flip side, the influence of CBD is a lot more subtle. It is centered on an interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) within the body. This expansive regulatory network extends from your head to your toes, and it has the job of ensuring that the various biological systems are balanced. With that said, it has been shown that CBD can interact with several molecular targets outside the ECS.

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Because of the way that both substances work, it would be easy to assume that the balancing impact of CBD could reduce the effect that alcohol has. However, the truth is that there still needs to be considerable research regarding the interaction between the two.

There have been studies into the relationship between alcohol and CBD oil, but it hasn’t been extensive. In the Journal of Psychopharmacology, they determined very few differences between test subjects administered alcohol only and those given CBD and alcohol. Based on this, you can assume that alcohol will usually impact you in the same manner, whether you are consuming it independently or being consumed alongside CBD. However, we must stress that, at present, there is not sufficient data to determine whether cannabidiol can mitigate the risk of any of the adverse side effects that come from the consumption of alcohol.

So, does that mean that you can mix alcohol and CBD?

The impact of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol will affect almost every part of your body, with the adverse side effects of alcohol documented extensively. There are tons of different variables at play here, including the alcohol percentage and the type of drink. However, you will know better than any other person what an unhealthy quantity of alcohol is for your circumstances.

On the other hand, humans appear to tolerate CBD oil well. This has been confirmed by a review that has been conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It synergizes effectively with a whole host of natural ingredients, and it won’t result in psychotropic side effects. Furthermore, if it has been prepared to the correct standard, CBD oil will not feature any unwanted chemicals or additives.

With the limited amount of data and available information, it should be safe to combine both alcohol and CBD. However, as is the case with any substance that impacts how we act, feel, or think, moderation is critical. Should you have any concerns or doubts, it makes sense to speak with your doctor first.

The introduction of beers that have been infused with CBD

We have also noticed that there have been some CBD-infused beers that have been released onto the market. This further indicates that enjoying alcohol and CBD together is safe.

In recent years, we have seen cocktails and beers infused with CBD entering the market. Brewers across the globe are keen to understand how alcohol and CBD complement one and another.

Beers that have been infused with CBD are advertised as a straightforward and convenient way of incorporating CBD without disrupting your routine. Constellation Brands, which is a leading beer conglomerate, has been interested in this area. They have a portfolio that includes dozens of vodka, whisky, and beer brands.

The crossover between the CBD sector and the alcohol industry is still very much in the early days. Still, it shows that there is a considerable amount of interest regarding CBD’s influence. When you consider the fact that almost two billion people around the world drink alcohol, it means that there is a simply massive amount of possibility by delving into this part of the market.

Final words on the effects of mixing alcohol and CBD

There you have it: an insight into mixing alcohol and CBD and whether it is safe to do so. CBD safety is of paramount importance, and there is still a lot of research that needs to be done regarding the interaction between CBD oil and alcohol. Combining the two should be safe, so long as you’re not consuming either of them in excess. Nevertheless, we must stress that there is more research that needs to be done on the topic.

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