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Tucked between Boulder and Denver, the town of Superior, Colorado can’t stay out of travel magazines or lists of “best places to live” in the United States. It may appear to be an ideal “small town,” and technically it is. But this perfect snapshot of quaint living is more than meets the eye. Originally named as a means to boast it’s quality of coal, Superior has a rich history, serving as a coal-mining hub in 1861. The town has come a long way from saloons and railroads, though residents may argue that, instead of describing coal, the town’s name instead describes the quality of life there.

Like many Colorado towns, Superior is known for its many outdoor activities. However, Superior residents have a specific outdoor niche: biking. As home to the  Superior Morgul Weekend, a renowned bike race, bikers, and enthusiasts travel great distances to participate and observe the demonstration of athletic ability. Local businesses like Velo Stop offer bike rentals and anything else one may need to participate in the locally revered pastime.

After long, beautiful days filled with physically arduous bike rides along gorgeous trails, Superior residents reach for all-natural relief for their tired and fatigued joints and muscles: Premium Grace CBD from their trusted CBD retailer, Pharmstrong™.

Superior CBD for Superior Residents

CBD, short for cannabidiol, has recently overwhelmed the health and wellness market, as consumers are reporting incredible full-body benefits from the all-natural, hemp-derived compound. The turning point took place in 2018 when the Farm Bill was passed, making all hemp-derived CBD products containing .3% THC (the ingredient responsible for psychoactive effects) or less legal to be purchased and consumed. This federal law opened the door for numerous companies to produce a variety of CBD products to incorporate into your daily routine.

Because not all CBD is created equally, it is important to understand what distinguishes some products from others when choosing for your CBD wellness supplements. If you are planning to buy CBD oil in Superior, CO, you deserve nothing short of the best when shopping for any health or wellness product you plan to consume or apply to your skin. This is why residents of Superior, as well as others across the country, only trust Pharmstrong™ for their CBD needs.

The Pharmstrong™ Difference

At Pharmstrong™, we realize that you have many options when it comes to purchasing your CBD products, which is why we dedicate our time, energy, and resources into being the best and most trustworthy CBD provider, taking the guesswork out of which company to choose so you can focus on your personal wellness journey without hesitation. Here are a few reasons why Pharmstrong™ stands out:

  • Unrivaled Verified Pure Premium Grade™ CBD Products – Every single specially-formulated CBD product in our inventory is made with the highest quality pure + potent We meticulously remove all traces of THC as well as other unwanted residual metals, pesticides, and solvents to ensure the final product is safe to use, fast-acting, and long-lasting.
  • Transparency at every step – You deserve to know where the ingredients in your products come from and how those finished products are made. All reputable CBD companies should not only inform the consumer of their process, but you should be able to follow the production of your supplement from seed to bottle. At Pharmstrong™, we use only organic farming methods in the nutrient-rich soils of Colorado. We also prudently manufacture our products using a scientifically-advanced, proprietary process to ensure maximum bioavailability, and we share every step with customers on our website.
  • World-class customer service – Customers from all over the country keep coming back to Pharmstrong™ because of our premium-grade CBD products and because of the exemplary customer service they receive from us. Whether it’s a simple question or product recommendation, or overall curiosities about CBD and its uses, CBD newbies and pros know they can simply call, email, or visit our store in Breckenridge, CO, and they will get the warm, knowledgeable service they deserve.
  • Pharmstrong™ offers products and experiences other retailers don’t – Among the many noteworthy benefits of trusting Pharmstrong™ for your CBD needs, the professionally paired products you will find in Pharmstrong™ Kits is definitely a customer favorite. These thoughtfully-created kits bring products together that will be the most complementary to one another at a reduced price – and come with free shipping! This allows you to try more than one of our pure + potent products with one click. And if you are eager to try more than a couple of products and you’ll be in the Breckenridge area, you’ll be thrilled to stop by and try our one-of-a-kind sample bar. No CBD provider offers anything quite like it! And you can even bring your four-legged sidekick with you for a sample of our veterinarian-formulated CBD Dog Treats!

So whether you live in Superior year-round, are hitting the trails on two wheels, or just passing through on your way to a different adventure, Pharmstrong™ has a CBD product worth packing in your bag. This will ensure that your only frustration may come from traffic or choosing which hotspot to have lunch – not from a tired, uncomfortable body. If you are planning to buy CBD oil in Superior, CO and have questions or are curious which CBD product may best fit into your lifestyle, a friendly CBD professional at Pharmstrong™ is waiting to help! Simply call, email, or stop in today!


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