[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In recent years, CBD has been one of the most sought-after, highly trusted wellness products on the market. This plant-derived compound is known for its natural support during times of high emotional and physical stress. Now, as we all work to manage tension as a result of COVID-19, the demand for high-quality CBD has never been higher.

In addition to being a dependable product for everyday general wellness, CBD is receiving increased attention as a versatile women’s health ingredient. CBD is surprisingly effective when it comes to addressing some female-specific concerns, making the compound even more attractive to women who seek holistic solutions to their recurring discomforts.

What Is CBD?

Before we discuss the many ways CBD can address several women’s health issues, we will first outline exactly what the compound is for your reference.

Because it is completely legal, non-psychoactive, plant-derived, non-addictive, and safe to use on a daily basis, CBD is winning over skeptics of just about every age.

CBD + Women: A Beautiful Partnership

CBD is capable of delivering benefits to just about anyone who consumes it, but lately, it has truly been a go-to wellness product for women. Here are just a couple of the ways CBD can improve everyday life for women.

CBD And Hormonal Discomfort

As women, we are intimately familiar with the typical bodily discomforts that come along with our monthly cycles. Many women experience three very common menstrual symptoms, and thankfully, all-natural CBD is a winning aide.

  1. Menstrual discomfort – Often experienced in the lower stomach, many women know that their cycle is coming because their abdomen tells them so. Every female experiences this discomfort somewhat differently, but in extreme cases, women will cancel their plans for the day so they can sit curled up in a ball, waiting for the feeling to pass. If you have not experienced this, consider yourself lucky. Many women are skeptical of taking unnatural, over the counter options, which is why CBD is an increasingly appealing choice. When applied topically by massaging a small amount of a CBD Balm directly onto the uncomfortable area, the all-natural CBD penetrates deeply and offers targeted support to the exact spot that needs it most. In addition, when you consume a high-quality, orally-administered product like a CBD Oral Drop, the potent product gets to work quickly in your body.
  2. Emotional fatigue – In some cases, even before experiencing stomach discomfort, many women can sense that their body is expecting hormonal changes because they feel a shift in their mood. Mood swings and emotional fatigue are very common menstrual symptoms, and they leave women naturally feeling more irritable and increasingly uncomfortable. When you take a long-lasting CBD Softgel, the nano, water-soluble compound will enter the bloodstream and quickly begin to ease discomfort. When you use a Verified Pure Premium Grade™ CBD Softgel, like those found at retailer Pharmstrong™, you can enjoy a higher-quality CBD product designed to be more bioavailable than average CBD products, delivering a more beneficial, calming experience that lasts longer.
  3. Difficulty sleeping – As a result of the many head-to-toe hormonal discomforts women experience, they often struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night. Whether it is due to a restless body, an overworked mind, or both, sleeplessness is, unfortunately, a common complaint amongst women.CBD is generally known for improving one’s nightly routine and encouraging a more restful night’s sleep. When you use a specially-formulated CBD product crafted specifically to improve how you sleep, like Pharmstrong’s™ CBD Softgels + Melatonin, your sleep woes will be a problem of the past.

Pharmstrong™ – Your Premier CBD Retailer

A healthy woman on her daily jogging routine.At Pharmstrong™, we know the importance of finding high-quality CBD products you can trust. The market is saturated with generic CBD products promising quality and purity, but at Phamstrong™, we prove it. Our Verified Pure Premium Grade™ CBD products are among the highest-quality CBD you can find on the market today, and we provide the third-party lab reports to prove the purity and potency of everything we sell.

We offer several products to fit into your lifestyle seamlessly, including everyday favorites – like CBD Softgels or CBD Multivitamin Gummy Drops; as well as luxury items, like CBD Hydrating Face Pearls and a CBD Face Mask.

When you are ready to browse our Pure + Potent CBD products, we offer three convenient ways to shop! You can:

We look forward to helping you find the perfect CBD product to make each day more vibrant and enjoyable. Get started now and see what our unparalleled CBD can do for you![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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