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Five Reasons CBD Needs to Be Part of Your New Year’s Resolutions!

The countdown to 2020 might be over, but most of your New Year’s resolutions are still just beginning. Everyone makes their self-improving resolutions with all the best intentions, but they can sometimes be difficult to maintain over the course of the year. Whether it’s due to excessively busy schedules or simply a lack of motivation, by February, those well-intentioned resolutions can seem as distant as the previous year.  That’s why we’ve created another countdown to bring your motivation back to where it was at the start of this new year, and to remind you that you can stick to those resolutions with a surprising, all-natural sidekick: CBD.

What Is CBD, and How Can It Help?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound unlike any other. It is one of the many cannabinoids that can be extracted from the hemp plant, and has been a health and wellness superstar since 2018, when The Farm Bill was passed, making all hemp-derived CBD products containing .3% THC or less completely legal in the United States. Because this all-natural, plant-derived ingredient is non-addictive and doesn’t give consumers psychoactive side effects, it has become a favorite of many, and the excitement doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

Because CBD works in harmony with the body and has numerous reported benefits, top CBD providers are working tirelessly to create new, innovative products to meet the high demand of customers who want to include CBD in their journey toward increased wellness and vitality. With so many safe, easy-to-use products, it’s no wonder that the CBD market is projected to reach over 22 million dollars by 2026. Since this wellness trend appears to be here to stay, you don’t want to hesitate to use all of the benefits CBD has to offer to make those New Year’s resolutions stick!

Counting Down: The Top Five Reasons CBD Needs to Be Part of Your New Year’s Resolutions

Below are five popular New Year’s resolutions along with ways CBD can help you stick to them! Let’s count them down:

“In 2020, I want to consistently sleep better at night.”

In addition to creating a consistent sleep routine, putting your phone away nice and early to relax your eyes and signal to your brain that the time to rest is approaching, you can also reach for a trusted CBD product like a CBD Softgel with Melatonin. Melatonin can aid in encouraging a more restful night’s sleep, making sure you feel your best to take on the day and achieve your goals.

“In 2020, I want to make time for self-care.”

Self-care is so much more important than people realize, as it tends to be seen as a “treat” instead of an essential part of life. As the saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” This saying essentially means you can’t do much to help others if you are running on empty. Taking care of yourself has never been easier, especially with the help of CBD! Companies have begun creating CBD products with self-care in mind, maximizing the benefit of your product of choice. Products like CBD Gel Roller and CBD Face Pearls allow you to turn your nightly routine into a spa day, creating the ultimate atmosphere for relaxation as you treat your face to dynamic nourishment.

“In 2020, I want to feel more relaxed.”

If you are someone who tends to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, and your multiple responsibilities can sometimes seem challenging to balance, you may be craving a way to feel more relaxed on a regular basis. Simply adding a few small routine changes to your day could drastically change how you manage the woes of the day.

A CBD tincture, applied directly under the tongue for 60 seconds in the morning or the evening, can make a world of difference. Sublingual administration is one of the fastest ways for your body to absorb this helpful, all-natural compound, as the concentrated number of blood vessels under your tongue absorb the product quickly, bypassing the typical digestion process and providing prompt results. Simply add a refreshing, minty or orange CBD Tincture to your morning routine, and revel in the relief you’ll feel as the day suddenly appears less daunting.

“In 2020, I want to be more active.”

Increasing your physical activity is undoubtedly good for your mind and body, and it’s a definite confidence booster when you can see the results of your hard work in the mirror. Despite the many positive incentives to be active, it can still be difficult to do regularly. One reason could be that, once we start a new workout routine, our bodies can experience fatigue, and that fatigue can quickly become a deterrent to working out again. With just a couple of intentional choices, those bodily discomforts can be a thing of the past, and you can maintain your new confidence-boosting workout routine all year long!

First, it’s important to stretch before and after your workout to avoid injury. Stay well hydrated and always allow your body to cool down properly, then tend to your overworked muscles with a fast-acting CBD body balm. This will not only nourish your skin, but penetrate deeply to soothe your tired muscles and joints. Muscle recovery has never been more efficient! With a fast recovery, you’ll be eager to maintain this healthy resolution.

“In 2020, I want to take charge of my health.”

At the top of many resolution lists, we continue to find individuals wanting to improve their overall health. Because this resolution can mean different things to different people, the most important path to maintaining this resolution is to feel your best throughout the day, so you don’t feel held back by a fatigued mind or body. This is how adding CBD to your routine will play a key role: CBD interacts with your body and delivers benefits you will feel all day long with just one dose. This means, no matter which path toward increased health and wellness you choose, you can rest assured that your mind and body won’t hold you back, and you won’t feel any psychoactive side effects. Whether you take a fast-acting softgel, tincture, or prefer any other long-lasting CBD product, you will be pleased with the numerous benefits you’ll quickly see, and you’ll be ready to take on the day!

Pharmstrong™: Providing the Best CBD on the Market

Like many Americans, as soon as you learn the many ways CBD can support a healthy lifestyle, you are probably eager to give it a try! It’s important to remember that not all CBD is created equally. So when you are selecting the perfect product to meet your needs, turn to a CBD brand trusted across the country for their unmatched quality and commitment to being the best: Pharmstrong™

At Pharmstrong™, you never have to wonder where your CBD comes from, how it’s processed, or if the product inside the bottle actually matches the label. You have access to every bit of information an informed customer needs to feel confident that their CBD product is Pure + Potent, absolutely safe to use, and third-party tested for quality assurance. Pharmstrong™  is passionate about creating only the finest, Verified Pure Premium Grade™ CBD products on the market, and they lead the industry in their innovative technology, ensuring their products have maximum bioavailability.

You can shop for individual CBD products or perfectly paired CBD Kits online anytime, place your order over the phone, or stop in to their Breckenridge, Colorado, shop to give their one-of-a-kind CBD sample bar a try! You won’t find another like it, so if you’re passing by, it’s worth the trip! Pharmstrong™ also offers top notch customer service, so you can easily have all of your questions answered and stick to your goals!

As CEO of Pharmstrong, I’m proud to lead a team dedicated to excellence in the CBD industry since its inception in 2018. Our USDA Organic CBD has helped thousands feel healthier and happier. Whether managing stress, improving sleep, staying active, or enhancing your overall health, we’ve got you covered. Explore more at Pharmstrong; we’re here for you every step of the way.

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