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Foods That Interact with CBD: Planning the Perfect Diet

CBD is used by many people who hope for various benefits. This guide explains why a healthy diet could be key to unlocking CBD’s full potential!

When people explore the interactions CBD has with other substances, the main focus is on medicine. Some research suggests that CBD may interact with certain forms of medication, but it’s important to note that CBD could interact positively with some foods and particular diets.

What Are the Key Foods That Interact with CBD?

Most medications advise taking medicine with food. Why is this? A significant number of substances may be absorbed more easily with food, and by doing so, you could potentially avoid negative side effects. So, should CBD be taken on an empty stomach?

Research suggests that taking CBD with food could be beneficial. Cannabinoids are fat-soluble and studies have found that if you eat a meal high in fat, it may increase the level of CBD in the blood by a factor of 14. Taking CBD after a high-fat meal may help move CBD through the body and into the bloodstream.

This could be important because other research suggests that CBD might have a low level of bioavailability. Low bioavailability means that only a small amount of what you are taking is actually absorbed by the body. Increasing bioavailability may help your body absorb more of the CBD in every dose.

Sesame oil, nuts, and avocado could potentially affect the CBD uptake but there are countless others good fats to explore. Foods with emulsified fats such as coconut oil, certain fish, some meats, and eggs are also fantastic options. There are some people who even make their own CBD goodies containing these fats to increase bioavailability.

Some researchers suggest that taking CBD with other good fats may potentially have a stronger impact compared to consuming it in liquid form.

It is also worth exploring pairing CBD with different terpenes. Terpenes are aromatics that occur naturally in both herbs and foods. Some research suggests that terpenes may enhance the impact of cannabinoids on the body. Studies have shown that various terpenes can create specific effects on the body. As mentioned, terpenes can be found in a variety of different foods. However, one terpene of particular interest is caryophyllene, which is present in both rosemary and hops.

Other terpenes found in herbs such as black pepper and turmeric, may increase levels of CBD absorption. Sprinkling these herbs on your meal, and taking CBD, may also increase the CBD effects.

For those who are new to CBD, or new to trying CBD with food, the answer is as simple as this: start low and go slow. Every person reacts differently to introducing new compounds to their system and it is wise to acclimatize to the product before trying more.

When trying CBD with food, particularly CBD Oil it’s important to remember that the oil evaporates at high temperatures so using it as a substitute for vegetable oil won’t provide any of CBD’s benefits. There are many recipes online if you’re looking for something new. Even the Food Network has recipes and articles on CBD, showing how mainstream the use of the compound in food is becoming.

One recommendation is to not mix CBD with food and alcohol. That is because the effects of alcohol are much more pronounced and could potentially overshadow any positive effects that the CBD could have. However, for more information on how CBD and alcohol interact check out our post here.

Why Is It Important to Keep a Healthy Diet While Taking CBD?

If you are paying for CBD, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. Eating the right food when taking CBD may help with its absorption. Ultimately, you want to absorb all the CBD you put into your body, not just a portion of it.

CBD compounds need to reach the circulatory system to feel its effects. Before CBD can make its way from the mouth to the circulatory system, it passes through the stomach and eventually makes its way to the liver. This is called first-pass metabolism. In the liver, enzymes interact with the CBD, breaking it down. From this point, a large portion of the CBD passes through the body and is quickly disposed of.

Consuming the right foods may help reduce first-pass metabolism. Fat in the food may help some of the CBD from moving on to the liver.

CBD has also become incredibly popular with athletes. Athletes and individuals who compete in professional sporting events use CBD. In addition, there are studies that have provided evidence CBD could help with a variety of issues caused by exercise. As such, by taking CBD, athletes may be able to recover more rapidly from issues like injuries and get back out on the field. If you’re interested in knowing more about incorporating CBD into your wellness routine, check out our post on it here.

As research is ongoing and most studies are still in early stages it will be some time before there is a definitive answer to what the right diet is with CBD. While there are indications that CBD does interact positively with a wide variety of foods the specific diet is, as of now, unknown. Some may experience more benefits from CBD by taking it with food but more research is necessary. For those who are looking for specific results, there are potential benefits to experimenting with the current available research.

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